Video Tutorial

What is it?

The most immediate way to transmit knowledge

The video tutorial is an online lesson using different strategies to transfer specific content. With video tutorial you will give opportunity to the viewer to learn independently, increasing the degree of diffusion of your message.

To watch helps a lot to understand. With a video tutorial you have an optimization in time, cost and method. It is not tied to a place and a space, but you are free to manage themselves according to their needs.

With a video tutorial you have a wide range of possibilities to increase the attention; mounting rhythm, audio, volume and animations changes.


The instrument to acquire fans


Were seen 100 million hours of video with the theme ``How to ...`` in January 2015.


66% of higher education institutions use videos for distance learning.


Researches has shown that 60 seconds video are equivalent to about 1.8 million words.

How does it work?

Create quality traffic with dedication

It’s exciting to be able to teach. Learn and practice new skills thanks to your value shown can only be a virtuous way of marketing. It is a guide or a course Storymakers is are here to accompany you in the profitable production of your video tutorial.

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