Explainer Video

What is it?

A visual and engaging product

The explainer videos have the ability to integrate text information in audio-video format.

They are generally short, usually ranging from one to three minutes, and are ideal for presenting information about activities, products or services in a simplified way.

The explainer videos can also be shared on a wide range of online platforms, including e-mail, blogs, newsletters and networking sites.


Stay memorable by making people understand what you offer


58% of consumers consider companies that have produced video content more trustworthy.

More sales

85% of users are more willing to purchase after seeing an explainer video.

Mobile friendly

48% of users watch videos from their smartphone.

How does it work?

We follow the entire production process

Each artistic element requires a well-structured process to be replicated. We, as Storymakers, care that in your infographic video is a functional narrative pattern. You too – with your business – have a narrative potential to be known! We’ll tell the beauty that is revealed thanks to you.

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